Renaissance Fireworks Inc - Extra shipping costs, no return policy upon request

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My fiance and I used an online dealer to buy some wedding sparklers for our upcoming wedding. The product arrived and was not what we wanted. The company Renaissance Fireworks Inc. uses the wedding day sparklers web site to contact customers for sale of their products. I contacted the company and they said to send it back and supplied an address to send it to. I returned the package to the requested address using UPS service just as it was shipped to me. I paid for the return cost and was waiting for my refund. I was told that with a $49.00, including $10.00 for shipping and handling, did not reach the $50.00 no shipping fee price requirement.....fine. I could pay that, no problem. When the return was processed, I was told it would be the $49.00, minus the $10.00 shipping fee, and the total return was going to be $34.47. The math just doesn't add up.

When I wrote the company again and asked about it, and stated I should receive a full refund considering I had to pay to ship the goods back, I was told that the $34.47 was the $49.00, minus $10.00 shipping, minus the actual shipping cost of $4.53. WHAT???? Where did the extra shipping cost come from? Where is the return policy that I asked for a copy of? (oh yeah, they said that is online too)

Do not use the online shopping from this company, they are not customer service oriented, and will not follow the basic policies that all other companies do in regards to returns.....oh they will take their product back, but you will pay to ship it, and you will be out all the cost to them for any transaction with you. You are paying for nothing.

Along with that, the return I am still waiting on. The email confirmation of them receiving their product and processing for the return said it should be processed in approximately 2 days. It has been 4 days since that.

Just unreliable company when dealing with any issues.

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Happened to me too.I hate running people and small businesses into the ground but their customer service is terrible.

I called the number on the website 5 times and emailed twice and finally got a response.Finally they took them back after undisclosed fees and I bought some wooded roses on etsy.

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